Welcome to Suprella

The idea for an inverted umbrella came to our minds when we were all struggling to get to a gala event in the middle of pouring rain. The women had wonderful dresses that should not get wet, while the men had chic suits that can’t stand rain either. When we were on our way to the venue it started to rain so badly that we couldn’t even step out of the car without soaking. This is when we started thinking about how to reinvent the umbrella to make it more practical with a focus on not getting wet at all anymore. After a long time of brainstorming and gathering of ideas, we decided to make the prototype of what has now become the Suprella Pro. It worked! Next we just tried to make the Suprella Pro look more fancy and to use nice designs to fit for gala events on the one hand, but for everyday life usage as well. And there it was - the Suprella Pro was born! We are now producing the Suprella Pro for everybody who needs this special gadget right now. In production we are focusing especially on creating an environmentally friendly product and on adequate working conditions for our producers.

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